AARP Life Insurance

AARP’s founder

Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired educator came up with the idea of AARP to make the lives better of Americans in their golden years.

If you can imagine what he was thinking at the time, I am guessing it was a mixture between being a little irritated with himself or some friends not being taken care of in their later years, with the idea that he could do something about it. Retired people may not have the physical strength they once did, but as a group, they can be quite powerful with their voting power, and the power they yield when purchasing as a group. AARP has a whole host of options from what I hear, everything from travel discounts to financial instruments for their members. As I have looked around the internet, I have seen they have a myriad of different websites. All of them have one thing in common still, trying to take care of the retired person.

I just found out today that AARP Life Insurance is available. I personally had never even heard that before. In the past, the only company that I was aware of, was the big company we all know of. Life insurance, for those of us reaching the later years of our lives can be down-right difficult to get. Even simple burial insurance  policies can be tough to come by at this stage of our lives.

The Cost of a Funeral

When I pass, I would like my family to not have to be concerned with burial and funeral costs. I can remember one funeral I went to, a truly beautiful affair, that had about 300 people and in a gorgeous chapel that was literally dripping with flowers. The whole affair must have cost tens of thousands of dollars, which I know would be an unbearable burden to my family.

AARP Life Insurance

AARP Life Insurance, from what I’ve read online, it is one of the things that crosses ones mind when contemplating passing over.

I don’t know when I am going to go. What I do know is that I care very much about my family. I think about them not just as everyone is today, but what they will be like in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and more down the road.

I bet someone will probably read this decades after I pass away.

I have often thought that it is not that tough for the person who passes on. In fact in many times it is probably a relief. The real tough times, as I have experienced, are for those that are left behind. The funeral is never really for the one that goes, but for those they leave behind.

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