burial insurance

The last Days

The last day I saw my grandma she was lying on her bed in the convalescent home. Her breathing had gotten really deep. It was as if she was testing the waters.

One moment she was there in her body, the next she looked as if she was on the other side, seeing what it was going to be like.

This was no ordinary woman. She lived through the depression, worked hard her entire life, and raised her children as best she could.

The Importance of Family

Grandma had done her best with her finances. She had what was needed in the world of burial life insurance and she had the foresight to give away her possessions while she still could.
She was ready to pass to the other side. She had even told us it was time for her to go.

For some of us the finances of death are a great concern. We know that we will be o.k. when it is over. We know for our families it is going to be tough. That’s why so many people buy AARP Life Insurance.
We do our best to raise our kids and grand children, to show them the best path we can. As for myself, I know that I have made some mistakes, but we all have.

How our kids and family are going to handle the expenses after death is one thing we don’t want to be thinking about, but it could save the kids some stress when the moment comes. A casket is thousands of dollars, a plot of land is even more. Headstones are hundreds of dollars, and we haven’t even started to look at the church, the flowers or service.

Final Expenses

Burial life insurance allows us to have a little cost upfront now, that will make it a bit easier when it comes time for the kids to take care of things.

Grandma passed to the other side peacefully after I left that day, and a day does not not pass that I don’t think of her.

Whats Next

Now it is my chance for life. I can not thank my grandma enough for what she left me before she passed. She will be remembered for her consistent attitude toward making this world and those around her better.

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